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DADADUM Identity

Brand Identity

Technical informations

Script Code by Mathieu Rudaz
Font Design by Elsner+Flake

DADADUM is a contemporary furniture company based in Switzerland. The Brand’s core values are: modular, swiss and playful. Because the name of the company contains 3 similar letters, we had to find a typeface with an interesting and strong “D” shape. The Brand’s typeface is based on the monotype OCR-B, designed in 1968 by Swiss national Adrian Frutiger, and is recognisable for its curvaceous letter “D”; a human touch in a technological world. It is also a monotype face with a fixed weight, allowing us to play with blank spacing using an invisible grid. We then designed a custom typeface in collaboration with typographers Elsner+Flake; a bold version that did not exist in the original font family. We used OCR-DS Bold, our tailor made font, for the logotype, OCR-B LT for the titles and, for consistency throughout the whole project, we chose Univers 45 Light for the body text. We discovered that those two fonts have a similar morphology to them.
To create a more innovative identity, we collaborated with interaction designer Mathieu Rudaz in coding an “In Design Script Generator” that creates unique compositions with the 7 letters of the Brand DADADUM. Thanks to this software and a disruptive digital printing technique (Offset digital printing), every printout is different one from the next. This means that no two cards will be the same. DADADUM has been given a programmatic identity that reacts in a playful way to and reflects contemporary life in the furniture industry.

The identity won the first prize at the European Design Adward 2013.